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With key-energy we are only at the beginning of our journey.

We envision a world where people drive, travel, heat, produce and consume without harming the environment.


Redesign eco-friendly living

In order to be able to use green energy anywhere and anytime and to transform all sectors in a CO2-neutral manner, hydrogen is indispensable.

That is why our goal is to convert renewable energy into hydrogen using our

patented energy management system and patented electrolysis process.

The production of green hydrogen is carried out using two technical methods. The PEM electrolysis technology  and HHO electrolysis technology  is manufactured industrially for our customers as cheaply and easily as possible.

With the economic conversion of wind and solar power into the storable energy carrier hydrogen, the basis is created for extensive market access for renewable energies for a wide range of applications such as mobility, heat and energy storage.



Start with the development of the electrolysis process

In 2012 we started developing electrolysis processes and made initial progress in this area.


Completion of the first test facility

After more than 2 years of development and research, we set up our first, still quite small, test facility in 2015.


key energy  in the media

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