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HHO Energy+

The presentpatented innovation concerns an innovative process for

electrolytic production of a gas mixture containing oxygen and

contains hydrogen. Electric current is transferred through electrodes

liquid electrolysis medium passed. This leads to the generation of

Oxygen and hydrogen gas, which is partly used as electrolysis gas

emerges from the electrolysis medium.

Additionally, it is an advanced electrolysis device

to produce this gas mixture. The electrolysis device has

at least one container for holding the electrolysis medium

and electrodes arranged therein for introducing electrical current

into the electrolysis medium.

By directly mixing the electrolysis gas with the additional gas

Proportion of oxygen in the gas mixture reduced. This reduces that

Risk of explosion significant and enables easy handling of the

gas. The hydrocarbons represent

sure that the resulting

Gas mixture still flammable

is and good as fuel

can be used.

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HHO Energy+




Quickly ON/OFF


Hardly any maintenance

Low pressure

Low temperatures

Video test facility



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