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Energize Pro+

The patented oneEnergizePro energy management system makes it possible

End customers, the energy purchased from energy suppliers as well as

self-produced electricity (for example through the use of a solar system).

manage a software database.

Each consumer has its own "server" that allows it

allows you to interact with everyone else on the network. This intelligent one

Software enables efficient use of electricity within the

systems. The system also communicates via a decentralized one

Control system in which the data is managed. The principle is based on

a decentralized database system.

The same data is stored in every system, which means a

Better protection against possible manipulation of central control systems

offers. It is defined which consumers have external surplus

Energy can be supplied or how much energy can be supplied from the

In-house production (photovoltaics, storage, etc.) available for other providers

is. Customers form their own network in which all data is managed


Solarpaneele auf Bäumen

The software manages all servers in the network (houses, companies, schools

etc.) and thus enables the most efficient use of energy within the

network. All data is encrypted in transit, all of it

Servers are connected to each other via IP Ethernet, which provides a reliable

Data exchange guaranteed. With the energy management system you can

End consumers exchange their electricity autonomously and completely

act independently.

With this feature, the consumer network could also be completely without

Electricity producers are operated. This method represents one

unique exchange and communication in the network.

Because excess energy from your own system also in the system

can be passed on, this value can also be set by the customer

become. There is the option of either choosing a fixed service that...

Network is fed in, or a dynamic value that reflects self-consumption

exceeds at a certain point in time.

The server can be connected to the smart meter or a separate meter

communicate, which transmits the exact data of the system. The consumers

are controlled directly via the server. All consumers of the respective customer

are listed in the gateway software and can be customized for the

Network system can be activated or, if desired, self-managed


This interaction between consumers - power - energy and producers

leads to a unique and future-oriented system. Consumers can

for example dishwashers, washing machines, heaters, pool pumps,

be charging stations etc.

EnergizePro also presents an approach for exchanging electricity between

end customer, which can significantly increase the efficiency of the power grid.

Existing smart grid solutions only concern the relationship between the

energy provider and the consumer. In the future, end consumers will be

increasingly becoming electricity producers with their own photovoltaic systems

Energy from storage systems is also regulated between end users and

can be controlled. EnergizePro can therefore also operate independently

between consumers. In the best case scenario, submit it

Conventional smart meter solutions transmit data with a delay of 15

Minutes and therefore cannot be used in various applications

become. EnergizePro uses a separate counter to generate data,

and therefore has real-time data.

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